.  . just like going to the gym. A new blog is very much akin to a new journey.

Coming back to writing after so long and having developed pieces through school, countless pieces for assessment, I've had to write for a long time for others and not myself. I currently study naturopathy part time but am working in publishing full time, so I'm surrounded by free thinking journalists who have enviable grammar skills and thirst driven minds. I live in a bustling city - Melbourne, Australia, which is deemed to be one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Having always admired the musings of other bloggers who so confidently display their internal feelings and thoughts in the discerning realm of the internet, I thought it was about time I plastered my own thoughts out there too.

Musings and observations from a small city chick and aspiring naturopath.

Life is tricky, but need not be so complicated.

I like purple
I like purple

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